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Booking & Cancellation policy

For all bookings a deposit representing one night’s stay will be required.  This deposit is refundable if the accommodation is re-sold at the appropriate rate or cancelled with 28 days notice minus £10 admin fee.  Regretfully we must charge for bookings cancelled or amended within 28 days of your proposed arrival however we will only do this if we are unable to re-let the room. The charge of 80% of the quoted price from the tariff for the entire stay will be debited from your card. We strongly urge you to take out appropriate cancellation insurance. All cancellations and/or any changes to your reservation must be confirmed in writing.  If your reservation is made within 28 days of your arrival you will automatically be in the cancellation period.  No refunds will be given for failing to take up any component included in the price of your holiday.